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Content marketing writer

Sittin' in a coffee shop, writing your story

What do I actually do?

I am a content marketing writer. This means I write blog posts, landing page copy, and heavily researched articles geared toward your ideal audience.


My primary niches are gardening, home renovation, and real estate, but I've written in a range of related topics, including event planning, personal finances, and education.


I also write pieces that aren't trying to sell you a darn thing. For example, I've written for culinary trade magazines, lifestyle blogs, and websites that will help you be a better neighbor.



Take a look at my portfolio for all published work. Contact me to her more about my ghostwriting experience.



My rate sheet provides a launching point for our collaboration. For more details, let's chat. 

RATE SHEET (coming soon!)


I work with editors and SEO specialists to seamlessly incorporate keywords and internal links.


Do you need a piece with primary sources? I have experience reaching out to experts for interview-focused articles.


I love a good brainstorm. For long-term clients, I can assist with content calendar development.


Need to spruce a piece up a bit? Let me rework it or send suggestions. I can also provide a final proofreading glance for clarity and style.


  • Landscape and Gardening

  • Home Renovation

  • Wedding and Event Planning

  • Food and Cooking (B2B)

  • Personal Finance

  • Healthy & Wellness

  • Careers


"Ginny's a talented business writer who can adapt to a wide range of topics. I always look forward to working with her on new projects."


Ginny is a skilled writer and has been such a pleasure to work with. She has completed numerous projects for me, and has always submitted work ahead of time. She adheres to requests and instructions and typically goes above and beyond to ensure that her work is top quality. I highly recommend working with Ginny for any writing projects that you may need.


Always a wonderful experience working with Ginny! Consistently impressed with her quick turnaround and polished writing.


Things I'm Bad At!

Yes, this is a strange  list to include on a professional website. And yet, content writers tend to differ from person to person. Also, I've been asked to do some strange tasks in my freelance career. And so, I thought I'd include a few things I do not specialize in and have been asked to do in the past.

  • Graphic design (I'll leave this to the pros)

  • Extensive SEO strategy outside of post integration

  • Marketing analytics

  • Website design

  • Writing for big pharma

  • Writing that encourages body shaming or any patriarchal nonsense

  • Writing about guns

  • Driving your Range Rover to Long Island

  • Selling the company car before next Friday

  • Staying late to shred strange documents

  • Giving out free coffee at BP gas stations

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